Labour Law

The AWA advises employees on various labour law issues.

  • Legal Advice

    At the Office of Economy and Labour, you get free legal advice on the employment contract law either by phone or in person.

  • Minimum Wage

    The Cantonal Government has put the law into effect, which was approved by the voters. The cantonal minimum wage shall apply from 01.07.2022. At the same time, the Cantonal Government passed the executive ordinance.

  • Working Hours

    Do you have any questions regarding short-term overtime, overtime regulations, maximum working hours, rest periods and supplement pay? Our skilled specialists will provide you with the relevant information.

  • Contracts

    The Department of Industrial Relations and Arbitration Office is your point of contact for questions regarding employment contracts, collective employment contracts and standard employment contracts. They can also provide information regarding the employment of domestic staff.

  • Euroairport Mediation Centre for the Swiss Sector

    Are you an employee or an employer in the Swiss sector and common sector of the Basel-Mulhouse airport (Euroairport) and in need of support to find a solution in a labour law-related dispute? The office of the Euroairport mediation centre is your contact point.