Occupational Health & Safety

Here you will find the main guidelines and requirements to protect your physical and mental health in the workplace.

  • Accident Prevention

    The Labour Inspectorate answers your questions on how your company can ensure safety at your place of work.

  • Occupational Health Programme

    The Labour Inspectorate offers comprehensive advice on health at work.

  • Maternity protection

    Do you have any questions about the protection of your health at work during pregnancy and your breastfeeding period? The Labour Inspectorate is pleased to provide any information you may require.

  • Youth protection up to 18 Years of age

    Are you under 18 years old and engaged in vocational or part-time vocational activities? Then you must be aware of the following without fail.

  • Protection Against Passive Smoking

    Employees have the right to proper protection from passive smoking. Here you can read what measures employers can take to ensure that this protection is properly provided.

  • Sexual Harassment

    Do you believe you are the victim of sexual harassment? The Labour Inspectorate provides a contact point to which you can turn with confidence.

  • Mental Stress

    The Labour Inspectorate is your contact if you are subjected to psychosocial stress or are a victim of a conflict situation in the workplace.

  • Suspicion of Materials Containing Asbestos

    You suspect that there are materials containing asbestos on your premises, but you do not know how to proceed.