Occupational Health Programme

Do you have any questions about the indoor climate at your place of work, ergonomically designed workstations or hazardous materials? The Labour Inspectorate offers comprehensive advice to protect your health in the workplace.

Do you feel that your health is at risk at your place of work because of drafts or air pollution and you want to clarify this matter in more detail?

Does your work involve any noisy tasks or the handling of hazardous substances? - Would you like to know if you are at risk of a health hazard and do you want to minimise this risk?

What we offer

  • Advice on legal occupational health and safety legislation
  • Assessment of workstations by means of occupational hygiene investigation methods
  • Proposals to create a healthy working and indoor climate
  • Advice on the ergonomic design of workstations
  • Training of employers and employees on occupational health issues

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