Accident Prevention

Do you have any questions about the handling of hazardous materials, the transport of cargo or the safe handling of machines? The Labour Inspectorate will answer your questions on how to ensure occupational health and safety in your company.

Advice on adequate safety in the workplace

Does your business involve the handling of dangerous substances, transporting loads or the use of machinery? Would you like to inform yourself about the safety measures for your own safety in the workplace?

What we offer

  • Site inspections to assess the potential hazard in your workplace
  • Advice on the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Training of employees and employers in accident prevention

Creating a healthy work environment plays an important role in the prevention of industrial accidents and occupational illnesses. With regard to measures for health protection and the implementation of Regulation 3 of the Labour Code, we are happy to advise you on our website for occupational health programmes.

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