Financial aid by guarantee cooperatives

Do you want to establish a company in the Canton of Basel-Stadt or expand your existing business activity but do not have the necessary funds? We provide you with information on the possibilities for facilitated company financing.

Guarantee cooperatives – facilitated access to bank loans

If necessary, access to loans for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be facilitated by commercial guarantee cooperatives. These do not grant credit directly, but assume a joint security to guarantee the bank loan claimed by the company. In Switzerland, there are currently three regional guarantee cooperatives as well as the guarantee cooperative for women active throughout Switzerland (BG SAFFA). Credit amounts of up to 1'000,000 Swiss francs can be guaranteed. The Confederation assumes 65% of the risk of loss.

The Canton of Basel-Stadt financially supports the guarantee cooperatives that are active in the canton, namely the BG Mitte, Bürgschaftsgenossenschaft für KMU (guarantee cooperative for SMEs), and BG SAFFA, Bürgschaftsgenossenschaft der Frauen (guarantee cooperative for women).

The activity of both guarantee cooperatives is promoted by contributions to audit costs of new requests from the Canton of Basel-Stadt as well as support costs for existing guarantees.