Short interview with Kaspar Sutter, new Head of the Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs (WSU) of the Canton of Basel-Stadt

On 3 February 2020, Kaspar Sutter has assumed the office of Head of the Department of Economic Social and Environmental Affairs (WSU) of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Sutter follows his predecessor, former Member of the Cantonal Government, Christoph Brutschin. Be among the first to learn about the strategic policies and objectives of the new Member of the Cantonal Government.

Mr. Sutter, in early February you have assumed the office of Head of the Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs (WSU) – what is your vision of the future economic location of Basel-Stadt?

As Member of the Cantonal Government it is my distinct wish for Basel-Stadt to be and remain a highly attractive business location offering plenty of space and opportunity for innovation, as well as a safe environment for jobs, employment and investments. I would also want us to be a canton providing its residents and people with a stellar quality of living while showing leadership and pioneering spirit in climate protection.

Due to the pandemic, parts of our population are worried about their economic future – how do you plan to address these existential concerns?

To the people worried about their livelihood and future I say: We will get through and over this pandemic together. Necessary public health and medical measures have been put in place and are working. Any potentially disadvantageous economic impact from these measures is being mitigated by the government and the administration through financial support to affected companies and their employees.

Its excellent economic framework notwithstanding, what are the main reasons companies that want to grow should look into and come to Basel-Stadt?

As a company I would invest in Basel-Stadt because of its location in the middle of Europe, its superior accessibility and connectivity through all means of transport, and because our city is a highly sought-after place for international talent to live and work in. And that is without even mentioning what our region has to offer through its outstanding universities, in the arts and culture sector, or simply at the beautiful shores of the river Rhine.

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Kaspar Sutter was interviewed by Samuel Hess, Head Economic Affairs, Member of the Management Board of the Office of Economy and Labour of the Canton of Basel-Stadt