Carefully optimistic into the future

According to the economic forecast, the economic location Basel-Stadt is expected to suffer less pronouncedly in the aftermath of COVID-19 than Switzerland on national average. This is the summary of a report about the impacts of COVID-19 on Basel-Stadt’s economy, updated in January 2021 by the Office of Economy and Labour of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Selected industries of Basel-Stadt are nevertheless struggling with its markedly negative impacts. The crisis has also left its mark on the labour market. Nonetheless, Basel-Stadt remains an attractive, competitive business location with numerous economic benefits for companies, and its business and economic structure has a stabilising effect in times of crises. This is only one of the many takeaways of the new edition of the report on the economic impact of COVID-19 in Basel-Stadt, published by the Office of Economy and Labour AWA in mid-February 2021.