Mass Redundancies

The Office of Economy and Labour of the Canton of Basel-Stadt offers employers and employees help dealing with the difficult process of mass redundancies. Together with the employer, we look for solutions in the case of imminent mass redundancies; among other services, we offer staff information events in companies dealing with the subject of imminent unemployment.

Employers are subject to notification duties

Employers are obliged to notify the responsible cantonal employment office, i.e. AWA Basel-Stadt, of all mass redundancies and business closures. AWA should be notified as early as possible, at the latest on the date the layoffs are announced.

What is the definition of ‘mass redundancies’?

The following regulations regarding staff numbers affected by layoffs apply to mass redundancies:

  • At least 10 employees affected in companies employing between 20 and 100 staff members;
  • At least 10 per cent of all employees affected in companies employing between 100 and 300 members of staff;
  • At least 30 employees affected in companies employing over 300 members of staff.

Further information on statutory provisions and an information leaflet on mass redundancies are available here

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