10 years Technologiepark Basel – a driver of innovation

This year, Technologiepark Basel can celebrate 10 years of existence! In one decade, Technologiepark Basel has made important and inspiring contributions to business and the economy way beyond the Basel region. Today, it is a leading driver of the incremental growth of private investments in start-ups in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

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Technologiepark Basel is an initiative of the Economic Development of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Much of its success is owed to the continuing support over the years by both Government and Parliament. When it founded the Technologiepark Basel in 2011, the Canton of Basel-Stadt pursued two strategic objectives: First, to attract, help found and advance innovative start-up companies focusing on technology in Basel, and second, to increase quality cooperation and interconnectedness of the business and the academic sectors. Since its launch, Technologiepark Basel has more than quadrupled its footprint. Currently it is home to 32 companies with approximately 230 jobs in different occupations and industries located on the 6700 square meters of its premises. When selecting tenants, priority is given to companies fostering on-site innovation as well as job and value creation in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.   

Technologiepark Basel – a catalyst of private investments

Since 2012, the investments into start-ups registered in the Canton of Basel-Stadt have continuously been on the rise, from approximately 2 million Swiss Francs in 2012 to an astounding 540 million Swiss Francs last year (source: Venture Capital Report 2021). A significant share of these companies are today based or have been created in the Technologiepark Basel. It has also been a force of inspiration for the Stücki Park. An integral part of this large multi-use development, it played an important role for the construction of additional buildings undertaken by the site’s owner, Swiss Prime Site.

One of the last decade’s biggest success stories has been written by NBE-Therapeutics, which has been acquired for 1,18 billion Euro by the large German pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim. NBE-Therapeutics was launched in an office of 12 m2 in the Technologiepark Basel, today it employs a staff of 30.

Continuing development, but no plans for further expansion

While the Technologiepark Basel will continue its successful course and strategy in the years to come, a further physical expansion is not on the cards. Instead, based on continuing sponsorship of the Canton, Technologiepark Basel AG will further invest into the quality of its offering, in addition to further intensifying the collaboration between Technologiepark Basel and its regional partners.

Innovation by knowledge – successful together

In the year of its 10th anniversary, the Technologiepark Basel will publicise the successes made possible in collaboration with its tenants to a larger audience, in order to increase the excitement about innovation in all its facets among a maximum of people and future stakeholders. The first of the planned anniversary celebrations will be a series of key notes in its recently developed «Virtual Auditorium» in cooperation with the „Swiss Biotech Association“. In summer, COVID-19 conditions permitting, Technologiepark Basel will open its doors to the people of Basel and beyond for an open day event that offers interesting insight into the reality of the Technologiepark Basel. For the grand finale of the anniversary year, the organisation has planned a scientific symposium featuring many exciting short presentations that offer a glimpse into the future of the Technologiepark Basel.

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