Convention promotion

Find out here, how the convention promotion of the Canton of Basel-Stadt contributes to the further development of convention-related tourism. Conventions are specifically acquired, developed and held, thus accessing a potential not yet exploited with benefits beyond tourism.

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Find out in our congress image video, why Basel is Europe’s life sciences hub #1.

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Objective of convention promotion
The objective of convention promotion is to increase the direct and indirect added value generated by conventions. Additionally, a further strengthening of Basel as the most innovative economic location and centre of knowledge in Switzerland is targeted. By promoting conventions, we want to contribute to Basel remaining one of the most important trade fair and convention cities in Europe.

Contributions for the period 2014 to 2023
The Cantonal Government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt directly promotes the development and execution of conventions in Basel by giving convention organisers the opportunity to apply for financial contributions in the years 2014 to 2023 for the development and realization of conventions.

Supported sectors
Conventions in the sectors defined by the Cantonal Government (life sciences, chemical industry, logistics, financial and creative economy) as well as fields of technology serviced by Basel Area Business & Innovation (therapeutic innovation, healthcare innovation and industrial transformation) can benefit. Scientific conventions, which are strongly related to these target sectors and fields of technology, are also promoted.

Promotion criteria

  • Tourism value added (number of overnight stays)
  • Topic of convention (sectors/ fields of technology)
  • Reputation of convention
  • Sustainability (recurring event)
  • Professionalism and integrity of the organiser

Funding applications can be submitted to the office of the Congress Board Basel (CBB).
Organisers can obtain general information about the convention city of Basel as well as specific services from the Convention Bureau at Basel Tourismus.