EURES - European Employment Services

EURES offers advice and information to jobseekers looking for positions in the European Economic Area. EURES consultants assist employers in recruiting qualified staff from countries outside Switzerland. EURES-T-Oberrhein is responsible for cross-border commuters in the Basel region.

Using EURES to find work in Europe

EURES ("EURopean Employment Services") is a cooperation network whose members consist, among others, of the European Commission and the public labour administrations of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEC) and Switzerland. Further national and international stakeholders involved in employment issues consist of trade unions and employers’ associations. The network is coordinated by the European Commission.


EURES supports labour mobility and promotes equal access to labour markets in European partner states for all mobile jobseekers.

EURES provides basic information on living and working conditions as well as on social insurance issues in the various countries. EURES thus enhances transparency on European labour markets.

EURES consultants answer cross-border questions regarding vacancies, mobility, potential qualifications, recognition of qualifications and other questions regarding the different border regions

Europe-wide, there are over 850 EURES consultants, 15 of whom work in Switzerland.

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Responsible for the Basel region: EURES-T-Oberrhein

Cross-border partnerships are in demand in locations where the number of cross-border commuters is high. Via cooperation between public employment centres and their social partners (trade unions and employers’ associations) as well as regional and local authorities, EURES-T (EURopean Employment Services Transfrontalier) promotes inter-regional and European exchange between labour demand and supply.

EURES-T-Oberrhein is responsible for these matters in our region (Northwest Switzerland, Alsace, Baden-Württemberg).


  • provides information on the labour markets and labour regulations in Germany, France and Switzerland as well as on social insurance and taxation systems,
  • provides assistance to jobseekers in the respective neighbouring country,
  • organises joint seminars and information events, provides information brochures and exchanges experiences.

If you have any questions regarding living and working in Europe or regarding the Oberrhein border region, please contact AWA’s EURES consultants in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.


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