Logistics for Labour Market Measures (LAM)

To ensure that you are well prepared for your job search or the start of your new job, LAM aims to offer measures and programmes in line with the constantly changing labour market that help you plan your professional career.

To ensure that the offered courses are always up-to-date, LAM acts as a central coordination point in the Canton of Basel-Stadt with regards to the evaluation und acquisition of new programmes and services offered by course providers. LAM aims to systematically extend and develop the range of labour market measures in keeping with the latest developments.

This requires constant observation of the needs of both the labour market and the jobseekers. Additionally, the offers unemployment assistance (ALH) and Stöckli are affiliated.

Responsibilities of LAM

The Logistics Office for Labour Market Measures of the Canton of Basel-Stadt has the following key responsibilities:

  • Close observation of the needs of the labour market and the insured persons and ongoing adjustment of services for the assigning offices
  • Systematic establishment and development of labour market measures and cost-effective design, implementation and evaluation of labour market measures
  • Contact with providers of labour market measures and public authorities with the aim of setting up and acquiring new programmes as well as evaluating existing measures
  • Coordination point for labour market measures within the Canton of Basel-Stadt
  • Administration unemployment assistance


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