Exceptional registration process for short-time work

On 20 May 2020, the Federal Council decided to, as of 1 June 2020

  • revoke the temporary entitlement to short-time work compensation (KAE) for remunerated employees with employer-like status
  • revoke the temporary entitlement to KAE for persons in apprenticeships or trainees so that training can be resumed quickly. Teachers may continue to receive KAE if necessary, provided that the supervision of apprentices is guaranteed at all times;
  • reintroduce the pre-registration period for short-time work.

The emergency measures in the field of KAE will end on 31 August 2020 with the amendment of the Ordinance on Unemployment Insurance Measures in connection with COVID-19, which means that as of 1 September 2020, the normal procedure for receiving KAE will return.


On 1 July 2020, the Federal Council decided to, as of 1 September 2020

  • extend the maximum period for which short-time work compensation can be paid from twelve to eighteen months;
  • introduce a one-day waiting period to be borne by the employer;
  • reintroduce the taking into account of overtime for KAE, i.e. it must be reduced again before KAE can be drawn (working hours are only considered reduced if, together with overtime worked, they do not reach normal working hours).

These amendments to the Regulation enter into force on 1 September 2020 and remain in force until 31 December 2021; taking into account the above-mentioned adjustments, the normal procedure for obtaining KAE will be applied again as of 1 September 2020, as it was until 1 March 2020.


Persons employed by their own company in the event sector who find themselves in a hardship situation may now also claim Corona purchase compensation. This is possible until 16 September. The acquisition compensation must be applied for via the AHV compensation fund.


Extensive normalisation of KAE from 1 September 2020

  • If a KAE permit has already been in force for more than three months on 31 August 2020, the company must re-register for short-time work as of 1 September 2020. The usual provisions apply again, as before the Covid 19 regulation on unemployment insurance.
  • Permits remain in force, but are reduced to three months if they have not been in force for more than three months on 31.08.2020. It is important to note that for the periods from September 2020 onwards, the accounts must again be submitted in accordance with the usual accounting procedure.



  • If you have a sole proprietorship - then you will receive further information via www.ak-bs.ch (in German only)
  • Please check which cantonal, federal and bank support programmes are available to you? Or if your question is not answered, then please contact business@bs.ch


Employed or companies respectively

Step 1: Pre-registration Cantonal Office for Unemployment Insurance (KAST)
Please submit the form "Voranmeldung zur Kurzarbeit" (Pre-registration for short-time work” (only available in German)) by mail (see contact box on the right) or by e-mail to KAST, kast.awa@bs.ch.

KAST will then review your application and inform you of the decision in writing.

Step 2: Applying to the Public Unemployment Fund (OeAK)
To do this, please use the form "Antrag und Abrechnung von Kurzarbeitsentschädigung (ao Formular Covid 19)" (Application and Settlement of Short-Time Work Compensation (ao form Covid 19 – only available in German)) and send it by e-mail to kae.awa@bs.ch.

The OeAK will do its utmost to transfer the compensation you are entitled to as soon as possible to the payment details you have provided.

Step 3:
For each additional month, please submit the form Application and Settlement of Short-Time Work Compensation (ao Form Covid 19) to OeAK again.


Please note that…

  • the monthly application must be submitted within three months; otherwise the claim will be forfeited.
  • your account details are correct.
  • you sign the application.
  • the required enclosures are attached to the application.
  • a separate application must be submitted for March and April (March pro rata).
  • the application for the month of April can only be submitted at the end of April.
  • the measures taken by the Federal Council in the area of short-time work compensation to cushion the current situation due to the corona virus have a considerable impact on the performance of the tasks of the employees of the Public Unemployment Fund (OeAK) Basel-Stadt. Our aim is to ensure that compensation is paid as quickly as possible to companies in the canton of Basel-Stadt which have been granted short-time work compensation as part of their pre-registration with the cantonal Public Unemployment Fund and which are submitting the corresponding application to us, the Public Unemployment Fund. To achieve this goal, you will receive the requested short-time work compensation in form of a so-called advance payment. Please note that the current payment is an advance payment. This means that we will make the final settlement at a later date and then make any subsequent payments or reclaims. If we are missing documents or information for the final settlement, we will get in touch with you. At present, our priority is ensuring that the companies applying for financial support receive appropriate financial support as quickly as possible. We would like to ask you to support us in the rapid payment of all companies affected by short-time work by awaiting the final settlement or by waiting for us to get in touch with you.

We would very much appreciate your administrative support if you submitted your application by post.