Short-time working compensation (KAE COVID-19)

Summarised settlement procedure for short-time working extended

On 1 October 2021, the Federal Council extended the summarised settlement procedure for short-time working compensation (KAE). The majority of the cantons, the umbrella organisations of the social partners and the responsible parliamentary committees support the decided adjustment. The corresponding amendment to the Covid 19 Unemployment Insurance Ordinance enters into force immediately and applies until 31 December 2021.

The summarised settlement procedure was introduced in spring 2020 to enable rapid processing and payment of the KAE. In concrete terms, this means that companies have to provide less information and the unemployment insurance funds can calculate and pay the KAE as a lump sum as a percentage of the payroll. The Federal Council has already extended the summarised accounting procedure several times.

The vast majority of companies that have used short-time working since the beginning of the pandemic have only used the summarised settlement procedure. A return to the regular procedure at this point in time would have meant a considerable additional effort for all involved. The retention of the summarised settlement procedure until the end of 2021 thus supports the economic recovery of those companies that continue to rely on KAE. It also relieves the unemployment insurance funds of the burden of settling the short-time working applications submitted.

In connection with the summarised settlement procedure, overtime accumulated outside the short-time working phase still does not have to be deducted. In addition, income from interim employment is still not counted towards the KAE.

Previous decisions by the Federal Council

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Applying for short-time work

Step 1: Pre-registration Cantonal Office for Unemployment Insurance (KAST)

Please follow this link (page in German only) and submit either the COVID-19 Pre-Notification of Short-Time Working form (approval start date by 31 August or earlier, in German only) or, from 1 September 2021, the Ordinary Pre-Notification of Short-Time Working form (in German only) by post (see contact box on the right) or by e-mail (, or complete it online. KAST will then review your application and inform you of the decision in writing.

Step 2: Applying to the Public Unemployment Fund (OeAK)

To do so, please use the forms attached at the end of this paragraph and send them by e-mail to For each subsequent month, please resubmit the relevant application form to OeAK.

Excel form for the settlement periods Juli 2021 to and including September 2021, if NO persons with income below CHF 4,340 per month (for a full-time workload or converted to a full-time workload) are affected by short-time work in the company:

Excel forms for the settlement periods Juli 2021 to and including September 2021, if persons WITH income below CHF 4,340 per month (for a full-time workload or converted to a full-time workload) are affected by short-time work in the enterprise:

Please always re-download the Excel forms to be sure you are using the latest version. The Excel forms are not compatible with the Numbers application, so please only access them online or on Excel.
Please also note the "Report on the economically induced lost hours" below.
Forms for the settlement periods to und incluiding June 2021 are at the very bottom of this page.

The OeAK will do its utmost to transfer the compensation you are entitled to as soon as possible to the payment details you have provided.

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Report on the economically induced lost hours

From the July 2021 accounting period onwards, all companies claiming short-time working compensation need to submit the form "Report on economically induced lost hours" (form 716.307.1), which has been adapted for the summary procedure. At the end of each month, employees affected by short-time work need to sign the form to confirm that they are still in agreement with the short-time work. In addition to the company documents already required, the form is a compulsory supplement to the form "Application for and settlement of short-time working compensation" and needs to be submitted to the relevant unemployment insurance fund as well.

Report economically induced lost hours (in German only)

When filling out the "Report on the economically induced lost hours", please note:

Missing signatures

  • These cannot be replaced by email confirmations or mobile phone messages from the employees concerned.
  • Exceptionally, KAE can be paid for employees if no signature can be provided for them for plausible reasons (e.g. if they have left the company) and the company submits a written justification.
  • Exceptionally, KAE can be paid for employees if they are absent due to holidays. In this case, the company must also provide a written justification and submit the missing signature with the settlement form for the following month at the latest.

The signature confirmation of each individual employee can be waived in large companies with 100 or more employees if:

  • there is a short-time working arrangement valid for all persons concerned with a recognisable pattern (e.g. first group Monday and Tuesday, second group Wednesday and Thursday) and
  • the monthly lost hours are confirmed in writing by an employee representative.


Consideration of flexitime

Art. 46 para. 2 AVIV and the provision on company flexitime arrangements set out in this paragraph shall remain in force during the current exceptional situation:

Additional hours worked or unworked absence hours within the framework of an operational flexitime arrangement shall be neutral with regard to the economically induced lost hours within the range of a flexitime balance of minus 20 to plus 20 hours.

Therefore, if additional hours worked are credited to the employee's flexitime account, these additional hours do not reduce the economically induced lost hours as long as the balance of the flexitime account does not exceed plus 20 hours.

Conversely, hours of absence which are debited to the flexitime account do not lead to an increase in the economically induced lost hours.

In order to prevent a disproportionate amount of additional hours from being worked during short-time working periods within the framework of a company flexitime scheme without reducing the economically induced lost hours, a maximum build-up of the flexitime account from minus 20 to plus 20 hours (40 additional hours) is permissible.

In principle, it is up to the company whether it handles overtime and reduced hours within the framework shown above via the flexitime accounts of the employees.

For detailed regulations see AVIG Practice KAE, B10 ff. During the period of validity of the simplified summary procedure, companies do not need to provide the unemployment insurance fund with detailed evidence of the flexitime balances of their employees and their changes.

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New: Online forms for short-time working compensation

With immediate effect it the Covid-19 advance notification of short-time work and the application for short-time working compensation can be submitted online.


Link to the online forms (in German, French or Italian only)

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Please note that…

  • the monthly application must be submitted within three months; otherwise the claim will be forfeited.
  • your account details are correct.
  • you sign the application.
  • the required enclosures are attached to the application.
  • the simplified COVID forms can be found on the SECO website: (Forms - short-time working compensation: Geltendmachung bei der Kasse (German) – Exercice du droit auprès de la caisse (French) – Esercizio del diritto presso la cassa (Italian)

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