EU-27/EFTA: Postings


A residence and work permit is not required for postings of up to 90 days per calendar year. There is, however, a duty to notify to be complied with directly via the notification procedure.

Postings for more than 90 days

Services that are not subject to specific service agreements and last more than 90 working days per calendar year are not within the scope of the Agreement on the Free Movement of People (AFMP) between Switzerland and the EU.

Consequently, there is no entitlement to admission to the labour market. The regulations of the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (FNA) apply.

Conditions of admission:

  1. Foreign nationals may only be authorised to assume postings if their activities meet the overall economic interest. This can be proven via a written statement by the employer explaining the reasons why the service or services cannot be provided by a domestic company.
  2. Furthermore, in the case of postings of foreign nationals, the gross wages and working conditions typical for the region, profession and industry must be complied with. The costs of food, accommodation and transport must not be included, but must be borne either by the employer or the hirer company.
  3. The issue of a work permit also requires the employee fulfilling the professional qualifications (specialists, managers or other qualified employees).

Please submit the application with the documents (reasoning, confirmation of posting, project contract, National wage calculator profile, etc.) on-line under this link:

Online application for a work permit for a foreign worker or cross-border services (in German only)

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