Notification procedure

There is a duty to notify postings as well as short-term work of up to three months with an employer in Switzerland.

Online notification

Please register via the online platform: Online notification

Commencement of work with an employer in Switzerland of up to three months

Swiss employers offering nationals of EU-27/EFTA member states short-term work of up to three months per calendar year need neither a residence nor a work permit. However, the employment is subject to the notification duty.


Swiss employers are responsible for the notification. The notification must be submitted at the latest on the day prior to the start of work.

Posting of employees and self-employed persons from abroad

EU-27/EFTA nationals who provide services on a self-employed basis and employees posted to Switzerland from one of the EU-27/EFTA member states need neither a residence nor a work permit for services of up to 90 working days per calendar year. However, they have the duty to notify via the notification procedure.


Notifications regarding posted workers and self-employed persons from abroad should be made no later than eight days before the beginning of the provision of services. This eight-day notification period must be complied with, except in justified cases (operational emergencies such as water leakages, interruptions in the energy supply, etc. Please indicate on the notification’s appropriate comments field).

Postings to Switzerland of up to eight days per year are neither subject to notifications nor permits. However, activities in some sectors are subject to notification as of the first day of provision of services, the relevant sectors can be found on the homepage of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) under the tab "Notification rules / Notification rules"

For further information, please consult the following links “Notification procedure: Information and online notification” in the register notification instructions or “Tabular overview notification and permit duty”.

Follow-up Notifications

Follow-up work at the same location needs to take place within three months. There is no eight-day notification period but the posting must be reported prior to the start of the assignment, at the latest on the day prior to the start of the follow-up work.  For a valid follow-up notification, the original notification and a reference that this is a follow-up notification must be indicated in the appropriate comments field.

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