Would you like to find out whether minimum wages exist in a specific sector and what wages apply in a certain region or industry? You can calculate the respective wage with the help of the national wage calculator.

Minimum wages under generally binding collective employment contracts

Foreign employers must guarantee that their posted workers, during their assignment in Switzerland, enjoy no less than the working conditions and wage levels applicable according to Federal acts, ordinances of the Federal Council and generally binding collective employment contracts. These conditions include the following:

  • Minimum wages
  • Working and rest periods
  • Minimum number of vacation days
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Protection of pregnant women, women who have recently given birth, children and adolescents
  • Absence of gender discrimination, in particular equal treatment of women and men.

At entsendung.admin.ch you will find the generally binding collective employment contracts, including mandatory minimum wages.

Typical wages for the region and industry

If no generally binding collective employment contract requires mandatory minimum wages in your industry, you can calculate the typical wages for the region and industry using the national wage calculator.

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Normalarbeitsvertrag (NAV) Detailhandel Basel-Stadt

Normalarbeitsvertrag mit zwingenden Mindestlöhnen für die im Detailhandel Basel-Stadt angestellten Personen (NAV Detailhandel)

Beschluss des Regierungsrates des Kantons Basel-Stadt, gültig ab 1. Juli 2017

Medienmitteilung des Regierungsrates des Kantons Basel-Stadt, 2. Mai 2017

Merkblatt NAV Detailhandel (german only)

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